‘A field in England’ Marketing

  • This film was shown at Lattitude Festival.
  • Welton’s Brewery brewed a limited ale for cinema goers in honour of the film.
  • Gained a lot of press coverage as the campaign was unusual as it took a different approach at releasing the film.
  • Offers audience options; people didn’t have to leave the house to watch the film when it came out.
  • A Vast majority of British independent films do not return its budget.
  • The combination of various media platforms and the use of technological convergence allowed the distribution to pool resources.

‘A field in England’ Distribution/Exhibition

  • The distribution was handled by Picturehouse Entertainment. This company launched in 2010 and specialises in independent cinema.
  • It was the first ever film to be released in UK cinemas, on freeview, on DVD, on video-on-demand on the same day, Friday 5th July 2013.
  • The idea was to allow people to watch it when and where they wanted. They wanted the “weight of the movie in one month” (Andy Starke) unlike Hollywood blockbusters who spread out the time from Cinema release to DVD/Blu-ray to then on TV.
  • The film was shown in only 17 screens whereas Hollywood Blockbuster ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ was shown in 571 IMAX screens in America and Canada.
  • Generated £21,399 over the first weekend.
  • Sold out in art-house cinemas around the UK.
  • It was shown on Film 4 on the first Saturday and Sunday, 357,000 people watched it which was above the average for Film 4.
  • Over 1,000 purchases on Itunes
  • 1,462 DVD purchases
  • Trended on twitter in the UK on the first Friday.

‘A field in England’ Production

  • This film was produced by Rook Films, a British independent production company formed by director Ben Wheatly and producer Andy Strike in 2008.
  • It was financed by film 4.0 and BFI New Models Award.
  • The budget was £300,000.
  • The Principal Photography took only 12 days.
  • This film was shot digitally and edited at the directors home using Final Cut Pro on a Mac.

Representation of disability

In the extract from Casualty, the first shot is of a disabled man and his brother. An over the shoulder shot is used when the brother is looking in the mirror; the disabled man is in the centre which means the audience are drawn to him first. There is another able-bodied woman in the shot as well which emphasises that fact that he is the ‘other’. Also, in the toilet scene, the disabled man in the wheelchair has to use a piece of equipment to allow him to go to the bathroom. He also has to be helped which draws attention to him being helpless. Towards the end of the extract, the guy in the wheelchair takes control of the situation when the guy with narcolepsy falls into the road. He takes the phone and makes the call to the emergency services. This shows that disabled people are not completely helpless and are valuable to society.

Additionally, the man with narcolepsy is represented as incapable of fully participating in everyday life. We first see him when he is walking passed the drunk girls. When he falls over, the camera goes down to his level, which represents that he is looked down upon because of his disability. The girls then leave him on the floor, this suggests that society doesn’t care about him as he isn’t considered ‘normal’. This is also shown when he encounters two teenagers on bikes. The are wearing hoodies which lets the audience know they are up to no good. Suspenseful non-diegetic music and the diegetic sound of the bike wheels creates tension. There is a long shot of the narcoleptic man in the middle of the two teenagers which shows how he is different and overpowered by them. When the teenagers take his bags, there is a high angle shot of him falling down the stairs, therefore showing that he is weak and vunerable. The idea of him being looked down upon is also present when the teenagers laugh at his pain.

Media Conglomerates

  1. The media conglomerate that owns Star Trek Beyond is Vidcom. This is because they own Paramount Pictures and they distributed the film.
  2. Artist Rihanna was included on the soundtrack with the song sledgehammer and the record label that produced the song was Interscope. the song placed 69th on the Official Uk Charts. Additionally, Vidcom own MTV News which means that they would have made articles on it as it was being released. Also MTV channels had many interviews with the cast and director.
  3. The benefits of the of the conglomerates doing this is by using MTV as advertisement for the film. The film has the same target audience of MTV and therefore are reaching their target audience.

Comparing Star Trek: beyond with a ‘British Indie film’


2) It was shown in 3,928 theatres worldwide.

3) Social media app Snapchat made filters for the film as part of promoting it which got audiences interacting with the campaign.

4) American Honey is a British indie that was only shown at 4 theatres. This is very different to the number of theatres Star Trek Beyond because they had a smaller budget. Also American Honey wasn’t a film that was shown worldwide, it was only shown in Britain.


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