How has the development of hardware impacted cinema admissions in the past decade?

In the past decade, the development of hardware has increased cinema admissions. For example Star Trek beyond had a 3D viewings at the cinema. As this technology is more interactive, cinema admissions have increased. Also the 3D technology has evolved from were is was ten years ago so more people are going to the cinema to watch films rather than watching a pirate copy. However British independent film ‘A field in England’ released the film in cinemas, on dvd, on freeview and on video-on-demand on the same day, 15th of July 2015. This was part of their ‘watch it when and where you want experiment’. Although this creates more audience options, not as many people would have gone to see the film because they could watch it at home for free on Film 4. If all films took the same approach as this one, cinema admissions would fall. This shows that the development of hardware is a threat to cinema admissions.


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