How are audiences able to interact with films during the production, distribution and marketing stages?

‘A Field in England’ is a British independent film, produced by Rook Films and distributed by Picturehouse entertainment. Their audience was able to interact with the stages of production through their website. It includes a section the goes into detail about each stage of production. This way the audience can see everything they’ve done before they watched the film. Star Trek beyond released photos of the production on their Facebook page which has 172k likes. By sharing these photos they are keeping the audience involved with the production. Additionally on their twitter account, the released gifs that their followers could share on their own social media profiles. This allows them to interact with the marketing as they are able to use this feautre. This also helps with the promotion of the film as it reaches more people. Star Trek Beyond also partnered with Snapchat to create a snapchat filter for their new character Jaylah. This is an example of synergy as two companies have come together to create something amazing. Snapchat filters are interactive therefore this is a way that the audience can interact with the marketing.


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