Cross media convergence is essential in this day and age for a films success at the box office. True or false?

Cross media convergence is an essential part of a films success at the box office. Star Trek: Beyond came together with the company Comic Con which is an example of synergy. By coming together, the film was able to reach their target audience and on social media they generated a 22k hashtag turnout ON TWITTER WITH THE HASHTAG STARTREKBEYOND. If they didn’t work with comic con, chances are they would not have had the box office success they had which was $380,000,000 because comic con is such a successful company. Additionally, they partnered up with Snapchat to create a camera filter introducing their new character Jaylah. This cross media convergence interacts with the audience and therefore will influence more people into going to see the film. The film is owned by Viacom which have own a lot of popular subsidiary companies like BET and Paramount. They also own MTV and they used the company to promote the film by doing interviews with the cast and showing the trailers. As MTV and the film are targeted at a younger audience, the promotion they were doing was reaching them directly which would increase the sales at the box office.


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