Are films which are aimed at a niche, local audience likely to be successful at the box office?

A Field in England is a British independent film produced by rook flms and distributed by picturehouse entertainment. Most british films do not make much at the box office as the budgets are low. this is the case with a field in england as their budget was only £300,000 which compared with a hollywood blockbuster like Star Trek Beyond which had a budget of $180,000,000. Additionally, most films that are made for niche audiences aren’t shown at many screens. A field in england was only shown at 17 screens therefore cannot be as successful as a hollywood blockbuster. Star Trek Beyond was shown in ober 300 screens in America and Canada and more theaters worldwide . Additionally, A Field in England was released in cinemas, on dvd and freeview on the same day which was 15th july 2015. This means that people could stay at home and watch it for free on Film 4 instead of going to the cinema see it. This therefore doesn’t give anyone a reason to go out and spend money to go and see it at the cinema. Additionally as they had a small budget they couldn’t have made a good marketing campaign.


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