‘A field in England’ Distribution/Exhibition

  • The distribution was handled by Picturehouse Entertainment. This company launched in 2010 and specialises in independent cinema.
  • It was the first ever film to be released in UK cinemas, on freeview, on DVD, on video-on-demand on the same day, Friday 5th July 2013.
  • The idea was to allow people to watch it when and where they wanted. They wanted the “weight of the movie in one month” (Andy Starke) unlike Hollywood blockbusters who spread out the time from Cinema release to DVD/Blu-ray to then on TV.
  • The film was shown in only 17 screens whereas Hollywood Blockbuster ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ was shown in 571 IMAX screens in America and Canada.
  • Generated £21,399 over the first weekend.
  • Sold out in art-house cinemas around the UK.
  • It was shown on Film 4 on the first Saturday and Sunday, 357,000 people watched it which was above the average for Film 4.
  • Over 1,000 purchases on Itunes
  • 1,462 DVD purchases
  • Trended on twitter in the UK on the first Friday.

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