Producers Task

356691xcitefun-fury-movie-stills-4Pre-production is the process of fixing some of the elements involved in a film play, or other performance. There are three parts in a production: pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production ends when the planning ends and the content starts being produced.

I think that some of my production choices were very effective as my film made a ‘solid contribution to the war-movie genre’. The picture was described as ‘visually dramatic’ and the ‘story was well told’. The ‘script has depth and originality’ which lead to an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay.

However, it was described as ‘not the best movie of its kind’. Also, the lead actor Tom Lehman was ‘just not believable as a brave WW II soldier struggling with his fear of death and the loss of his comrades’. It is worth the cost of a ticket, although not everyone will be a fan.

In conclusion, the studio is pleased with George Bottendorf’s skill at managing a movie budget. But equally important to Bottendorf’s is that he has brought his vision to the big screen. While the movie isn’t the financial or critical success Bottendorf had hoped, he is satisfied with it and looks forward to his next movie. The budget was $40,000,000 and the box office returns totaled to $70,000,000. This means the percent of box office return in comparison to the initial budget was 57%. If I were to do anything differently, firstly I would have chosen a main actor that would be better suited for the role. I think that the movie could have been more successful if the story was more believable.



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