Are films which are aimed at a niche, local audience likely to be successful at the box office?

A Field in England is a British independent film produced by rook flms and distributed by picturehouse entertainment. Most british films do not make much at the box office as the budgets are low. this is the case with a field in england as their budget was only £300,000 which compared with a hollywood blockbuster like Star Trek Beyond which had a budget of $180,000,000. Additionally, most films that are made for niche audiences aren’t shown at many screens. A field in england was only shown at 17 screens therefore cannot be as successful as a hollywood blockbuster. Star Trek Beyond was shown in ober 300 screens in America and Canada and more theaters worldwide . Additionally, A Field in England was released in cinemas, on dvd and freeview on the same day which was 15th july 2015. This means that people could stay at home and watch it for free on Film 4 instead of going to the cinema see it. This therefore doesn’t give anyone a reason to go out and spend money to go and see it at the cinema. Additionally as they had a small budget they couldn’t have made a good marketing campaign.


How are audiences able to interact with films during the production, distribution and marketing stages?

‘A Field in England’ is a British independent film, produced by Rook Films and distributed by Picturehouse entertainment. Their audience was able to interact with the stages of production through their website. It includes a section the goes into detail about each stage of production. This way the audience can see everything they’ve done before they watched the film. Star Trek beyond released photos of the production on their Facebook page which has 172k likes. By sharing these photos they are keeping the audience involved with the production. Additionally on their twitter account, the released gifs that their followers could share on their own social media profiles. This allows them to interact with the marketing as they are able to use this feautre. This also helps with the promotion of the film as it reaches more people. Star Trek Beyond also partnered with Snapchat to create a snapchat filter for their new character Jaylah. This is an example of synergy as two companies have come together to create something amazing. Snapchat filters are interactive therefore this is a way that the audience can interact with the marketing.

How has the development of hardware impacted cinema admissions in the past decade?

In the past decade, the development of hardware has increased cinema admissions. For example Star Trek beyond had a 3D viewings at the cinema. As this technology is more interactive, cinema admissions have increased. Also the 3D technology has evolved from were is was ten years ago so more people are going to the cinema to watch films rather than watching a pirate copy. However British independent film ‘A field in England’ released the film in cinemas, on dvd, on freeview and on video-on-demand on the same day, 15th of July 2015. This was part of their ‘watch it when and where you want experiment’. Although this creates more audience options, not as many people would have gone to see the film because they could watch it at home for free on Film 4. If all films took the same approach as this one, cinema admissions would fall. This shows that the development of hardware is a threat to cinema admissions.

Technological convergence has created more opportunities for filmmakers than there were 30 years ago, discuss this view.

Technological convergence has created more opportunities for filmmakers. In the film Star Trek Beyond, visual effects were used a lot as the film is in the sci fi genre. The visual effects supervisor talked about how they used “motion capture to insert a character into the scene”. 30 years ago they would not of had the technology to do this. Additionally The marketing of the film relied on technological convergence. For example the film marketed a lot on social media which wouldn’t of happened 30 years ago as it was not around. They had 172K likes on the Facebook page which shows that they have a large audience that they are promoting to. British independent film ‘A field in England’ had a budget of £300,000 and therefore did not have the same level of technology as star trek beyond which had a budget of $180,000,000. The director edited the film digitally on a Mac at his house. This would not have been possible in the past as the technology wasn’t available.

Cross media convergence is essential in this day and age for a films success at the box office. True or false?

Cross media convergence is an essential part of a films success at the box office. Star Trek: Beyond came together with the company Comic Con which is an example of synergy. By coming together, the film was able to reach their target audience and on social media they generated a 22k hashtag turnout ON TWITTER WITH THE HASHTAG STARTREKBEYOND. If they didn’t work with comic con, chances are they would not have had the box office success they had which was $380,000,000 because comic con is such a successful company. Additionally, they partnered up with Snapchat to create a camera filter introducing their new character Jaylah. This cross media convergence interacts with the audience and therefore will influence more people into going to see the film. The film is owned by Viacom which have own a lot of popular subsidiary companies like BET and Paramount. They also own MTV and they used the company to promote the film by doing interviews with the cast and showing the trailers. As MTV and the film are targeted at a younger audience, the promotion they were doing was reaching them directly which would increase the sales at the box office.

How can Media ownership impact the success of a films release?

Star Trek: Beyond Is owned by Viacom, the 6th largest media conglomerate in the US. Social media was a big part of their marketing campaign. For example, they teamed up with Comic Con which got a lot of attention on social media. They generated a 22K hashtag turn out and therefore is an example of synergy as two companies came together to create something. A field in England released the film in cinemas, dvd, video-on-demand and freeview on the same day, 15th of july. As audience could watch the film however they wanted, piracy was not an issue whereas with Star Trek: Beyond audiences would be more likely to watch it illegally because people they don’t want to pay to go and watch it in cinemas.


Vidcom key facts

  • Viacom Inc is an American media conglomerate with interests primarily in cinema and cable television.
  • It is currently the world’s sixth largest broadcasting and cable company in terms of revenue.
  • Founded: May 3, 1971; 45 years ago(original format) and December 31, 2005; 11 years ago (current format)
  • Principal subsidiaries include Blockbuster Videos, Inc.; Paramount Pictures; Paramount Home Entertainment; Simon & Schuster; MTV Networks; Showtime Networks Inc.; VH1 Inc.; BET; The CBS Television Network; United Paramount Network; Infinity Broadcasting; Paramount Television; Paramount Parks.

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